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15 Intresting Thing Which We Should Know About Durga Puja

    • As We Know That Durga Puja Is One Of The Massive Festivals That Is Celebrated In India By The Hindu Community Every Year The Festival Started In The Month Of October And Last For 10 Days
  • Every Days During Navratri Hindu’s Worship Nine Different Avatars Of God Durga
  • Navratri Is Celebrated As The Sign Of Victory Of Durga Over The Demon Mahishasura Which Was An Evil
  • According To History Due To Tyranny Of Evil Mahishasura God Send Durga To Kill Him Interesting Thing Was That The Mahishasura Wanted To Marry With Durga Due To Her Beauty Which Makes Easy For Durga To Argua A War With Mahishasura Where He Successfully Killed Mahishasura.
  • Every year thousands of Buffaloes sacrifice Because Buffalow is the animal on which Mahishasura get a ride during a fight with Durga The buffaloes get beheaded in one stroke.
  • Also a famous story related God Shri Ram which defines Navratri as History says Ram worship All the nine divine of Durga in Jungle and get Strength for a fight with Ravan to back Sita from his trap.
  • The festival of Navratri is celebrated to honor god Durga who symbolizes power and purity
  • To appease the nine planets for the existence of happiness and bounty, in certain places of Western India, women plant nine various types of nourishment grain seeds in little pots during the nine days of Navratri. The youthful saplings are then offered to the Goddess.
  • Every year Five Navratri is celebrated in a different month from which shard Navratri is most important puja which is celebrated massively.
  • Kolkata is well known for its beauty during Navratri Big Pandals is very much attractive for visitors also large statue of Durga Mesmerise the people.
  • 11.The Trishul she holds is emblematic of the three human characteristics Satwa (the perfect perspective portrayed by mindfulness and pureness of idea), Rajas (movement or vitality, wishes and desire) and Tamas (dormancy and stress).
  • The Durga puja is also famous as the name of Bassnti puja and Akal – Bodhan
  • The festival of Durga Puja is celebrated as Garbha-Dandiya in the western part of India, as Ramlila in the north and as Golu or Bonalu down South. Just in eastern India, it is commended as Durga Puja.
  • The different weapon in hand of Durga like Trisul, mace, sword, disc, and arrow, tells us that all enemies can not be killed by single weapons that mean we have to unite against any evil and support the truth with full strength.
  • Goddess Durga represents strength, morality power and production. She is the divine mother who protects people from evil forces of selfishness, hatred, danger, anger and ego.


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