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CBSE Results 2021- Current Scenario on Admission after Results

CBSE declares the results Yesterday around 2.00 PM and now we are going to discuss about the situation of current scenario among students. We are also going to talk about the admission in central university on merit based. What will be the future situation about admissions and about the skills that student didn’t learn in school days and got passed with such a great marks.

This Year Result

This year almost 1.5 Lakhs students got above 90% marks in their 12th board which is about 80% more than the last year. Result is declared after a long interval and now the admissions will start soon. This year’s pass percentage is about 99.37%. Can you believe that out of 13,04,561 candidate as many as 12,96,318 candidates passed the exam without sitting in it. This is most ever. Meanwhile more than 70,000 students are also there who got more than 95% in boards.

Current Admission Scene

Now let’s talk on current scenario of admissions in colleges with this kind of results.

It is very confusing on the admission scenario as there is no official circular in the university came out that how will they take merit based admission this year. As this much of student got more than 90% marks in boards it will also very tough situation for dropouts who dropped the year for preparing for Mains and NEET. As soon the circular comes we will let you know too.

Impact on Students

In this COVID pandemic average students are enjoying these golden opportunity and chances where they are passed with a great marks. Meanwhile the laborious and studious students are regretting the time where they didn’t learn skills and practical knowledge about the life. They totally understand the value if learning a skill in this vast world where one simply can’t survive with only a common degree. But average students are not ready to accept this fact and wants to enjoy only.

CBSE Injustice

There is another thing about the CBSE now trending is that CBSE will take exams of private students. This is very bad and biased decision by CBSE where they gave results to regular students without taking examination and  will take exams for private students. Either CBSE should take exams for both the kinds or private student should get passed on the same basis too.

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