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COVID – Not over yet

Beware!!! 3rd wave of COVID-19 is not a child’s play.


I assume that the whole COVID-19 situation has become boring and negligent to you, but it won’t be negligible if you will be the one suffering from this.


‘Don’t take it lightly,

COVID-19 is not something you should ignore!!’


People are neither wearing masks nor maintaining any social distance in public places. People are unnecessarily travelling, visiting functions like marriage and religious places, so how can you ask this question from the government that what are they doing to prevent the 3rd wave of coronavirus? If you are blaming only government for the thousands and lakhs of death from COVID-19 pandemic, then I am very sorry to say that we will never be free from this devastating pandemic


‘Take a step towards fighting against coronavirus.

It’s now or never!’


Reasons for negligence:

  1. People started believing that once they are vaccinated, they are no longer susceptible to the coronavirus disease.
  2. People specially labourers are unable to earn a living during lockdown. So they started breaking rules and working behind the backs of the government to earn some money.
  3. People who run small businesses are undergoing a lot of economic loss. So they started opening their shops and stalls even against the law so as to continue earning. This is causing the rapid spread of coronavirus.
  4. Students who are unable to access online classes are  attending offline classes in rural areas which is also a cause of rapid spread of coronavirus.
  5. Since this pandemic is still in effect even after one and half year, people started thinking of coronavirus as a daily routine of their life.


How effective is the 3rd wave ?

Since India is the country having the second largest population in the world, but seventh largest area, show the population density is very high. Thus, the chances of fatal increase ine number of deaths due to coronavirus is very high. So India is in the red zone for the third wave of COVID-19, which is estimated to be started around late August to early September. If people won’t stop breaking rules and taking incentive in protection against COVID-19, then the casualties due to upcoming third wave would be disastrous. A lot of deaths would occur and their would be a huge economic crisis. Already, India’s GDP fall around 7% within last year due to COVID-19 pandemic. The chances of further decrease in GDP are very high due to third wave of COVID-19. Government are taking various incentives for protection against third wave. It is our job to follow government guidelines and stop neglecting protective measures for covid-19.


Measures to be taken from protection against third wave: 


  1. Take both doses of vaccines as soon as possible.
  2. Stop spreading myths against covid-19 vaccines.
  3. Stop unnecessary travelling and visiting social functions. Also don’t organise functions like marriages and anniversaries, and if in case you are organising any function, don’t invite a lot of people.
  4. Stop neglecting protective measures games COVID-19. Follow social distancing and encourage others to do so also.
  5. Help students living in your areas who are unable to access the internet for online classes by providing for the internet connection. Is you are finding people who are suffering from covid-19 pandemic please inform government officials and encourage people to help them also.


‘Kill coronavirus, or it will kill you!!’




Written by - Muskan


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