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Everything about Anime

What is Anime ?

Japanese Animated shows are Anime which are basically based on Manga. Animated shows of western continents are generally referred as Cartoons.

What are the things that come in your mind when you hear the word anime?
Cartoons or shows for children
I thinks that atleast when you all were children there were some shows that can be counted as anime. Like most of you watched Pokemon or Dragon ball Z in your childhood. These are the shows that are not cartoons but are anime. Lets understand the term anime and it’s various types.

Types of Anime


Shonen are mainly for boys. There are various categories that comes under the criteria of shonen too. Like when one search the anime like Dragon ball Z and more animes that are preferred by boys that fall under the criteria of Shonen and their search for this stop here.

Credit – imdb.com


The word literally means Shoujo means young girls. This means that the anime which fall under the same criteria are preferred by girls.


The anime lovers who are interested in Robots, Action, Magic and warfare are considered under the Seinen category. Sometimes the different genre also comes under this like some light comedy and violence and sexuality.

Credit – imdb.com


To describe something sexual in a way that connotes naughtiness. There’s a major distinction to be mindful of when it comes to Ecchi, it’s sexy, but it’s not pornographic. Ecchi anime will refer to sex, even revolve around sex.


Credit – imdb.com


This type of anime is mainly considered as kid’s stuff. It’s actually a kid’s stuff and some of such western are like Pokemon.

Credit – imdb.com


There are more types of Anime that we later talk in next segments.

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