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Global Hunger Index 2022| Global Hunger Index ranking of India 2022

The Global Hunger index is jointly released by Concern Worldwide and Welthungerhilfe every October. It is a tool that tracks the hunger globally.In recent report of Global Hunger Index 2022 India ranked 107 out of 121 Countries.

What Is Global Hunger Index?

The common meaning of hunger for people is deprivation of food, which is calculated by mapping the Calorie intake. But the calculation of Global Hunger Index is not confined to one criteria. The GHI measures countries performance on four main indicators– undernourishment, child wasting, child stunting and child mortality.

  • Undernourishment shows the population that is undernourished i.e. Whose calorie intake is insufficient. It shows inadequate food availability.
  • Child wasting shows the children under the age of five whose weight is low according to their height. It shows acute undernutrition.
  • Child stunting shows the children under the age of five whose height is less according to their age. It shows chronic undernutrition.
  • Child mortality calculated by the mortality rate of children under the age of five. It shows both inadequate nutrition and unhealthy environment.

Categories of Hunger Index

There are four categories on Hunger Index Scale. Each countries data is standardized on a 100 point scale and the final score is calculated after giving 33.33% weight each to indicator 1 and 4, and 16.66% weight is given to indicator 2 and 3.

If a country scores less than or equal to 9.9 it is kept in Low category of hunger, if a country scores between 20 and 34.9 it is kept in Serious category and if a country scores above 50 it is kept in the Extremely alarming category.

Global Hunger Iindex scale

India’s Ranking on Global Hunger Index

In the 15th report of Global Hunger Index in year 2022 India ranked 107th out of 121 countries, with a score of 29.1 India falls in serious category of hunger ranking lower than its neighbors Pakistan(99), Nepal(81), Sri Lanka(64), Bangladesh(84).

Global Hunger Index score of India

India recorded an alarming score of 38.8 in year 2000 since then it was decreasing, it scored 28.2 in 2014 since then the country has started recording higher score. Since 2014 the value of undernourishment and child wasting started going up, it moved up from 14.8 in 2014 to 16.3 in 2022 for undernourishment and for child wasting it went from 15.1 in 2014 to 19.3 in 2022.

trend of indicator values of Global Hunger Index

Top Ranking Countries In Global Hunger Index 2022

Rank in 2022  Country  Score
1-17 Belarus <5
1-17 Bosnia & Herzegovina <5
1-17 Chile <5
1-17 China <5
1-17 Croatia <5
1-17 Estonia <5
1-17 Hungary <5
1-17 Kuwait <5
1-17 Latvia <5
1-17 Lithuania <5





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