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Happy Durga Maha Ashtami 2019: Wishes | Banner | Greetings and WhatsApp Pics

All Indian Are Celebrating Ashtami Today Which Is One Of The Biggest Events That Come During Durga Puja Maha Ashtami Is Generally Celebrated By Housewife And Girls They Keep Fasting Whole Days And Make Wishes To Ma Durga

Maha Ashtami Is One Of The Most Propitious Days. The 8th Day Of Navratri Is Celebrated As Maha Ashtami Or Durga Ashtami. Goddess Kali Had Shown Up On This Day From The Temple Of Maa Durga And Killed Evil Spirits Who Were The Partners Of Mahishasura, It Is Said. Maha Ashtami Or Durga Ashtami Is Praised With A Lot Of Enthusiasm By Numerous Family Units The Nation Over. By The Day’s End, Sandhi Puja Is Performed, Said To Be A Critical Piece Of The Day.

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Goddess Durga’s Eight Devine, Brahmani, Maheswari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Narasinghi, Indrani And Chamunda, Are Adorned On This Day.

On The Day Of Maha Ashtami, Mother Durga Destroyed Bhairo Nath, A Malice ‘tantric’ As Vaishno Devi. This Episode Prompts The Historical Backdrop Of The Foundation Of The Journey Of Vaishno Devi And It Is Said That The Popular Bhairo Nath Sanctuary Lies At The Site Where The Head Of Bhairo Nath Fell Subsequent To Being Hurled Off By The Goddess.

On The Day Of Maha Ashtami, Every That Was Utilized For Killing Mahishasur By Goddess Durga Is Loved Alongside The Captivating Of Mantras. This Custom Is Known As Astra Puja.

This Day Is Additionally Alluded To As Virashtami As A Few Weapons, Arms And Military Workmanship Bores Are Shown By Specialists.

Rules For Feeding Girls On Ashtami

  • Navratri Is Not Just A Festival Of Fasting And Fasting
  • It Is Also A Festival Of Women’s Power And Respect For Girls

Therefore, There Is Also A Tradition Of Worshipping And Feeding Kunwari In Navratri.

  1. Although There Is A Tradition Of Worshiping Girls Every Day In Navratri, Ashtami And Navami Are Definitely Worshiped.

From 2 Years To 11 Years, There Has Been A Law To Worship The Girl.

Method Of Worship Of Girl

  • Invite The Girls To Their Home One Day In Advance.
  • On The Entrance Of The House, Welcome The Girls With Full Family Flowers And Show Them All The Nine Names Of Nav Durga.
  • Now Make These Girls A Comfortable And Clean Place.
  • ┬áPut Everyone’s Feet In A Plate Or Plate Filled With Milk And Wash Their Feet With Clean Water With Their Hands.

After That, Apply Akshat, Flowers Of Kumkum On The Foreheads Of The Girls.

  • Then Meditate On Mother Bhagwati And Provide Food To These Goddess Girls As Desired.
  • After The Meal, Give Dakshina, Gifts To The Girls According To Their Ability And Bless Them By Touching Their Feet Again.


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