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Marathwada Liberation Day

Marathwada Mukti Sangram Din is praised in Maharashtra on 17 September every year. It denotes the commemoration of Marathwada’s incorporation with India when the Indian military, with assistance of nearby populace, crushed the State of Hyderabad, toppled the Nizam and consolidated Hyderabad into the Indian Union on 17 September 1948, 13 months after Indian autonomy.

In the wake of Partitioning, Muslim leader of Hindu dominant part territory of Hyderabad, Osman Ali Khan, chose to stay autonomous. He additionally engaged the United Nations that his august state, which included current Marathwada and Telangana districts, be allowed statehood. This started an insubordination in the State. During the revolt Marathwada saw real uprisings against the Razakars of Nizam. 

The principle chiefs of the revolt were  Govindbhai Shroff,Swami Ramanand Thirth, Vijayendra Kabra ,Ramanbhai Parikh and P H Patwardhan. The Indian government seemed on edge to keep away from what it named a “Balkanization” of the new nation and was resolved to incorporate Hyderabad into the recently shaped Indian Union. In the midst of the turmoil the Indian government propelled a military activity named Operation Polo which it named a “police activity”. The activity itself took five days, in which the Razakars were crushed and Hyderabad was added. 

Marathwada Liberation Day is a neighborhood occasion in Maharashtra. During the official festivals the Indian National Flag is lifted on workplaces of organization. Individuals accumulate around the “Marathwada Liberation Day Monument” and pay tribute to the ones who were killed during the battle for autonomy. Schools additionally hold energizes gone to by understudies and educators. Different courses are sorted out to talk about social issues identified with the monetarily in reverse area of Marathwada.




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