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Online Classes: Opinion on education system

Online Classes

Now a days it is only online classes that are going round the India or many countries but do you think that if it is successful or not. If the COVID situation is continued then the impact will be greater on the field of education.

Health and Development

According to personal opinion of mine, Online teaching is helpful in this condition but not that helpful when we talk about self development, communication skill, adaptability to outer world and basically an important thing the precious moments with friends. Online classes are even not good for the students and specially children. With the lack of nutrients in the portion of food it affect the health.

If the Online classes thing will still continue in future then you can surely say a thing that this batch is good for nothing because without a proper class and self development they are nothing. I’m not saying that the student can’t do anything after studying online but you should think yourself that What will an engineer do in the future if he study online and no practical skills or experience. In the medical field, Oo Sorry this field should not come in the section of online study.

Skill development

Apart from practical skills, communication is also important and present generation already lacks a communication gap. Most people chose to remain in their own personal space and don’t want interference in their life. When they go out they left apart from the group.  Now another part of school or college life is some precious moments that students are lacking already and it will end in future as the new generation lacks of childhood due to mobiles and digital world of social media and video game. For the overall development everything is needed but in proper portion.


At the pandemic era Online classes seems good but not for a long term plan. Government should think about the students their career. According to reports COVID was not very effectful on children but what affected the most in pandemic. The study of children on the name of health issue. If government wants to work they should vaccinate the student zone too and then hurry to start the classes because after all we are the future. If we lack now then it will cost to the country in upcoming decades. So please the issue of education is very important and government should also see in the matter.


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