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Russia Ukraine: Situation and Opinions

Conflict between Russia and Ukraine is now going towards the end from where one can’t return back. The silent war was going on from 1990s from time of breaking of USSR. From the time of division Ukraine claims the disputed parts but at the same time Russia thinks that part as his own country and not want to give them. Starting of this year it was highly tensed about the conflicts that slowly turned into war. In January this year the things get hot when Ukraine was talking about to make in NATO. Russia was against this decision and things getting started to heat up. Now the talks changed into attacks as Russia started to attack.


Responses from countries


United States of America : Biden criticized President Putin for his ” naked aggression against Ukraine” and vowed to make the russian leader a “pariah on the international
United Kingdom : Boris called the attack “an unprovoked attack”


India and China stay on sidelines as Russia invades Ukraine.


France : President Macron said that France will act without weakness to Russia’s act of war against Ukraine.


Germany : Germany has put a stop to a key Russian gas pipeline following Vladimir Putin’s orders to send troops into Ukraine.


European Union : European Union leaders will impose new sanctions on Russia, freezing its assets, halting its banks’ access to European financial markets and targeting “Kremlin interests” for its invasion of Ukraine.


NATO : NATO is activating its “defence plans” for allied countries as Russia attacks non-NATO member Ukraine, alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg told a media conference.

NATO also said that there is no plan to send troops to Ukraine.



Current Situation : Ukrainian PM Zelenskyy said that Russian forces have entered Kyiv, Ukrainian capital.


137 killed on first day of war according to Ukrainian data.





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