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What is Uniform Civil Code |All about Uniform Civil Code

Uniform civil code

  • What is uniform civil code?

Uniform civil code is a proposal in India to formulate and implement secular personal laws of citizens equally regardless of their religion.

Personal laws were first implemented during British rule. Personal laws of various communities are governed mainly by the religious sculptures. Like Sikh can’t be stopped from wearing Pagri, not even for implementation for road safety laws. There are many examples where one can get relieved from accepting a general law because of religious laws. One major controversy is Teen Talak in Islam.

Current Situation
This one country-one law system or Uniform civil code is supported by current ruling party of our country BJP. It is also supported by supporters of Hindutva and mentality of Hindu mindset likewise of Hindu Mahasabha in mid 20th century.

In the mean time article 25-28 of our constitution allows every national citizen to freely follow the religious freedom and allow religious groups to maintain their own affairs.

This topic was asked in Lok Sabha zero hour by a BJP leader Nishikant Dubey about the Uniform civil code. On his question by Mr. Dubey, Kiren Rijuju answered has query on 31st January 2022, that according to article 44 constitution give same right to every individual in front of law regardless of religion. According to Kiren Rijuju which he answered in parliament that a full study and investigation about this article was going under 21st law commission but their tenure ended on 31st August 2018. Now this case will be handed over to 22nd law commission for further studies.
This was one of the major promise in manifesto of BJP Lok Sabha elections in 2019. Till the date around two major promise were fulfilled. One was removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir which was very controversial even now. The other is making of Ram Mandir in Ajodhya at birth place of God Rama.

This topic should be debatable in parliament if the rule is required to be implemented. We all citizens of India would like to see what’s the stand by government on this sensitive matter.

Well this is all and we will like to know your thoughts about it in the comments below.
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